Welcome to Catalan wine!

This is mostly about wines, winemakers and wine zones in Catalunya (Catalonia), as I know them, with some remarks about wine events and restaurants (especially about wine offer and service).

I am Catalan, 50, and live close to Barcelona. Professionally I am a pharmacist by training, and I work for a large company. I write about wine from an absolutely amateur standpoint. I have had no formal training in Oenology, I have no commercial ties and only the pleasure I find in wine drives me.

I strive to be accurate and truthful when giving hard facts about a wine, a winery, or a wine region, but, after that, I just say what I do or do not like, not pretending to own the truth, but rather to spark dialogue with people that may have similar or different views, and perhaps entice those of you not yet acquainted with the wines from Catalonia.

I intend to answer timely to any comments you may make, the more (politely) controversial the better!

Why do I write about Catalan wines, and in English? Because I feel that, although some names as Cava, Freixenet, Codorniu, Torres or Priorat are pretty well known in the world at large, they may obscure the quality and variety offered by other zones or producers. My own experience is that the more you learn about wine, the more you realize the vast quantity of things you do not know – and the more you enjoy learning a little bit more! I endeavour to contribute a little information and sow the seeds of discussion and debate. There are a number of excellent blogs on the subject in Catalan or Spanish, but very few, if any, in English, so I attempt to offer English readers some information that may otherwise be more difficult for them to get.

Any wine lover visiting Catalonia is welcome to ask for tips; in the right circumstances we may meet for a nice glass or visit some place together! Most Catalan wine zones are just within 20 minutes to 2 hours drive from Barcelona.

A last remark: I am obviously not a native English writer, so please excuse my language blunders, which I do my best to avoid.


  1. Great to have your site as an addition to the Iberian Wine Blogging Repertoire! :) Your language skills appear better than mine, so no worries there! I hope we can meet up sometime in BCN y tomar alugunas copas! Salut!

  2. Thank you Ryan, though I'm sure you overrate my abilities with English. I guess we will meet sometime in one event or other; if not, we may well arrange a nice glass somewhere!